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Parazone 03:06
They suck the youth out of the youth Bleach the streets to hide the truth Carve up the map with a scalpel blade And throw the ghost estates to the birds of prey They've sterilized our bricks to wash us away Blitzed all of our buildings Exported the problems overseas Parazone Dust and bones Bulldozed homes No Go Zones This concrete has a soul This town still has heart These streets will never forgive the time they tried to tear us all apart
Dead men, protecting the rich elite Dead men’s institutions...Politicians, priests, police Dead Men, beaten and afraid Ghosts...crawl back into your grave You've got no heart You've got no soul Police...police, we'll see you in the streets O’Duffy still haunts our city streets His gang of fucking sadists Still marching to the beat No respect for men and women Wrapped up in blue Follow your leader, back into the tomb Still in the blue shirt Still the fucking same Fascist tradition Supported by the State
One Life 03:41
Years kneeling Sign of the cross Unquestioned power Generations lost   Empty cavernous halls Where once sin was condemned I hope in my lifetime, We’ll witness your end   Fed all the bullshit, believe behave But I’ve only one life nothing after the grave   It’s dying but not fast enough for me Stomp it, stomp their legacy   I won’t forget the bad old days I won’t forget women made slaves I won’t forgive children without names And your compliant silence Should be your shame   Nothing after the grave
It feels like a constant fight Today I'm not that tough It feels like going through the motions Nothing I do is good enough   But sitting here with your kid on my knee We're talking shite and drinking tea A good feeling to keep with me A refill when I'm running on empty   But sitting here with pints at the bar I'm glad you asked me to go for a jar A good feeling to hold in my heart Diminish shadows, that's the tonic you are  It feels like a constant fight Don't know if I'll be alright   It seems to me like I'm wading through shit Don't know how to talk about it How I cope is to make a bad joke Keep it with me, keep it closer than a shadow I feel like putting my fist through a brick wall But then I take your call Soon we're up the front, watching a band Life's okay sometimes and I'll be grand   It feels like a constant fight, But today it's gonna be alright
Go Out 02:39
I want to get dressed up And I want to go out I spent the week all stressed I want to go out Have a few beers and have a bit of craic Why do I have to watch my back? I’m not looking for trouble I just want to go out   The boys don’t understand That when shit goes down I’m the one judged, the blame at my feet Because I had the nerve To be alone on the street   Minding our own business, catching up A lad approaches, he interrupts “Just chatting with my friends here, no thanks mate” With a bruised ego it escalates Scarey how flirting, turns to hate   No – you can’t inspect my tattoos Please don’t talk to my boobs I call a friend on the quiet stretch I’m sick of feeling like an object I take a taxi to feel safe safe Telling grown men how to behave Sick of being polite So sick of this shite
Zero Hours 03:17
Pressure hanging over the streets Pressure weighing down on me Pressure to make ends meet Pressure trying to avoid Gardai   Sick of eating bread and beans Stressed out at the bank machine Diesel tank is always on empty Rent is due at the end of the week   Got zero hours, out of time Got to break this chain and sort it out Trapped in a circle, no way out Got to break this chain and sort it out Days bleed, lost in fog Working like a fucking dog Feeling like I could drop I gotta deal with what I’ve got   Vulture funds, cash for gold They’d feed this city to a gaping hole Dripping walls and black mould Thousands sleeping in the cold
They Win 02:00
They win, you pay the price They win, we pay the price Approach the world With a view that is short-sighted Roll your eyes at a union strike Repeat divisive tabloid lies They got you where they want you   Try to climb the ladder you're just a snake Race to the bottom, make no mistake We're all a few step from the bread-line   Buy that lie “ we all partied” Support austerity policies Can't you recognise your real enemies?   You try to fight They twist the knife You pay the price They win, you die
Nineteen 02:37
Could drink all night Then go to work We didn’t know what time was worth Always a gig, new mates to meet Didnt care when we lost a fight on the streets Take a moment and raise a beer Remember friends no longer here Though you’re not around We keep your memory near   We were 19 We knew everything We had forever to live our dreams But when I look out You’re no longer by my side Where did you go?   A stranger looks back at me from the mirror How did that happen? Thought you’d be young forever   The music and good times will never cease Punk rock community Still not eating meat Still hating police
Blind Spot 02:13
Rounds on the drunkest punk An “accidental” touch Pushes against them when the band plays Anyone say anything?   You've got a blind spot Have you got a blind spot?   Do they put on all the gigs And you won't get to play? Are they a good mate sober And it's not your place to say?   They call us ultraviolent They’d rather constant silence Call us out when we try to fight it Prefer a quiet crisis
Fire 03:42
I know that feeling I know the confusion I know that anger And all the trouble it gets you in   I see you running towards the dark Letting it hold you in its arms The city won’t forgive It’s a cornered dog   I see all my mistakes And of course you want to Make them for yourself I see more than I ever could   Young lads, no fear Only minutes, never years You’ve got fire in your hands   Always on the end of someone’s boots Always running and living for the fight You’re just a kid but you’re out of time No room for youth when you’re out in the night   You’ve got a fire in you son Light up the streets or burn them down Stay sharp and be yourself kid Don’t let them tell you different You’ve got a fire in you Light up the streets or burn them down


Released by A.U Vinyles 2021


released November 5, 2021

Recorded by Tommy O'Sullivan, Temple Lane Studios 2019 and Tommy's Shed 2020
Mastered by Brad Boatright, Audiosiege


all rights reserved



GRIT Dublin, Ireland

Oi! Punk from Dublin, Ireland

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